Welcome Home

Stellar is the voice of compassion for your loved ones. As a family member or friend close to the situation, you do all you can, given the circumstances. When the time comes for assistance in caring for an aging parent or those with physical or mental disabilities, Stellar offers a welcome respite. We are your advocates. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stellar understands the thoughts and feelings behind the decision towards home care.

The beauty of our programs is in how we listen to what matters to you and provide solutions that are second-to-none. To see how a Stellar CareGiver can be an integral part of your family – we begin with a plan.

Peace of Mind with a Plan

A helping hand comes differently for each individual.  Once a plan of action has been determined based on individual customization, you continue the process by speaking to a Stellar Care Coordinator or Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) committed to your comfort.

Stellar offers dignity and provides plans for assistance that can be part-time, full-time day, night, or round the clock, in addition to aid during hospice care.