Use the following questions and answers as a guideline to gain insight into what Stellar home care is all about– caring for others. Become familiar with the choices we offer. This information may inspire other questions. Make note of them to present to your Care Coordinator during your one-on-one conversation.

What is home care?
A.  Home care encompasses non-medical services and activities related to daily living.

What are the benefits of home care vs. other types of care?
A.  Home care allows you to stay in the comfort of the surroundings familiar to you, alleviating the extra stress and costs related to external assisted living and rehabilitation facilities. With in home care the family dynamic stays intact. The CareGiver steps in and assists with day-to-day routine activities, freeing time for the family to focus on handling other responsibilities or just spend together.

How do we determine which CareGiver is the best match?
A.  Stellar listens to you and assesses the best match based on your individual needs and a CareGiver’s strengths.

How do you screen your CareGivers before, during, and after becoming an employee?
A.  Our internal experts evaluate each candidate based on industry-related experience, industry and personal referrals, thorough training, and vocational, security and criminal background checks. Once hired as a Stellar CareGiver, we value your feedback and ask for your evaluation of the relationship and the services provided.

What are the costs for home care?
A.  Stellar believes that home care is personal, so our program costs are as individual as each family receiving our services. There are different payment options available. Stellar Care Coordinators are standing by to help you create the best home care plan for you. We believe in a simple, flat-rate system and do not have any surcharges for weekends, nights, or holidays.

What if my home care needs change? Are you flexible with your plans?
A.  One of the many benefits to Stellar is the ease in modifying your plan should your physical or financial situation change. In the event that your needs escalate, even requiring in-home health assistance or rehabilitation, we will work in conjunction with the other partners in care to provide all you need.

Can I receive home care for my husband and myself if our needs are different?
A.  The needs of each recipient, whether given on an individual or shared basis, are the primary focus of every customized care plan.

How do you require payment for your services?
A.  There are varying payment options available, from monthly payment plans to insurance coverage, as well as State and Federal subsidized program funding. To find out more, view our Matter of Choice page.

Will there ever be an interruption of service due to illness on my part or that of the CareGiver?
A.  Stellar responds quickly and has readily available a large contingency of fully-qualified, caring people. So if you fall ill, or your CareGiver becomes ill or needs personal time off, another CareGiver will be provided during that interim time to continue to provide the high level of quality care you’ve already grown accustomed to.

Do you offer services on a part-time and full-time basis?
A.  Stellar is known for its flexible minimums, flexible scheduling and exceptional home care service. We’re here for you. While most recipients find that our assistance 3 days a week, 4-5 hours a day is the right fit, we are happy to give comfort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 8 to 12 hour shifts, including working together with any other internal or external provider.