Life Stories 

Nothing serves as a better testament to the care we provide than the stories shared by our clients and our CareGivers.  These make up our “big story” – as you and Stellar redefine the comfort of home.

 Terri’s Story

“The pressure was mounting. I have my own health issues and couldn’t take care of Dad the way I used to. It was overwhelming–until Adam came in. He makes sure there’s always a clean bed to sleep in, a hot meal prepared, the house is organized, and Dad gets a good walk in every morning. It’s amazing what a difference Stellar in-home care has made in the entire family. Adam is a Godsend!”

MariBelle’s Story

“I’ve been with the Bellar family for 4 years now. What a pleasure it is to go to work each day and know I am valued. Paul and Susannah are wonderful people, married for 45 years. Susannah needed help in taking care of Paul after his stroke. She refused to be apart from him in a Rehabilitation Center. So they stayed together in their home and let the medical practitioners come to them. And I take care of the little things, like leaving the light on in the kitchen before bedtime. It’s all part of being at home, with Stellar.”