Soul Purpose

Stellar introduces a new level of quality home care.  A custom approach to each family enhances the home care experience, allowing for the design of a well-thought out plan.  Our Stellar CareGivers offer dependability, flexibility, mobility and accessibility so you can enjoy your life and your family.

With the aging segment of our population growing in numbers, home care is an issue that hits home – every home.

Stellar follows industry trends, research findings and best practices. 80% of our staff undergo and complete the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities mandated training (DIDD) to include crisis and prevention intervention, and seizure response.

Our consistent drive for compliancy and quality continue to increase the capabilities of our 225 home care experts. In fact, the results of a DIDD audit of our staff show a 50 out of 54 score in proficiency.

Stellar CareGivers enable better quality–of-life. 

Strong roots.  Deep in our second decade of service to the community, Stellar stands as the best answer to home care. Just speak to any one of our Care Coordinators to find out more  about our programs or to schedule an appointment.