Nothin’ Better than Stellar

Life tests us all. Grace shares her life’s tales with you through her weekly video blog – sharing what growing old has meant for her and what it means to rely on others. Her gentle spirit and sense of humor will leave you smiling. Growing older doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

Nothin’ Better than Stellar

As told by Grace

Having choices in life is good. Making the right choice, now that’s a whole nuther story. You wanna make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree. So what can you do to get it right—the first time?

Ya talk to people. People that care about you. Talk to your friends, and their friends. Talk to your Pastor. Talk to your Doctor. And then you can talk to the people that talked to me. Like the lovely Care Coordinator at Stellar.

And questions? Of course you have questions—and they’ve got answers, lots of ‘em. They’ll tell you their hours of service, what they do to help, who does the CareGiving, and why they do it. Because it’s their passion in life, to take care of people—like you and me. They talk about their training and the background checks so you know the CareGiver they send your way is someone you can depend on. And trust. Ya can’t be just letting anyone in your home now.

So if you’re thinking about bringing someone special in to take care of your special someone, talk to Stellar. Tell ‘em Gracie sent ya. And you know how special I am…

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