Partnerships that Matter

Life tests us all. Grace shares her life’s tales with you through her weekly video blog – sharing what growing old has meant for her and what it means to rely on others. Her gentle spirit and sense of humor will leave you smiling. Growing older doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

Partnerships that Matter

As told by Grace

Finding the right partner usually isn’t something you set out to do. Could be right there in front of ya but ya wouldn’t know it unless it slapped ya upside the head—hee hee- boy we can be foolish sometimes….Maybe your friend talks about someone they think would be just right for you. But no matter how you find ‘em, it comes as a Godsend I-tell-you-what…

And so it’s like that with Stellar home care. If you have a loved one that’s in the hospital, or on the mend but needs help with day-to-day livin’ like grooming, bathing, house cleaning, laundry, cookin’, shopping, getting back and forth to the Doctor—things like that—if you talk to a hospital discharge worker, they’ll tell you about Stellar and their CareGivers, how they partner up in a big way with agencies like the A-A-A-D, the D-I-D-D, Mississppi Medicaid and others. So the kin you care about continue to get the best care possible—from home. Nobody should go home and be alone all the time—there’s no healing in that.

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