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Life tests us all. Grace shares her life’s tales with you through her weekly video blog – sharing what growing old has meant for her and what it means to rely on others. Her gentle spirit and sense of humor will leave you smiling. Growing older doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

Southern Comfort at Home

As told by Grace

It’s funny how the little things in life make such a difference. Like folding laundry… you ask your kids to help you…well you can ask doesn’t mean they’re gonna do it. But—let’s say they do. You have your way of folding the towels, and they have their way.

You finish the folding together, but after they leave, you know you can’t wait to fold them your way. Because that’s what’s comfortable to ya. Now all us folk like to do things the Southern way. Not saying it’s better than the North or East, or the West and such. But the Southern way is what we’re comfortable with.

So when Virginia, my CareGiver, starting coming over– I didn’t have to get used to much being different. Because she is Southern through and through. Raised not far from where I live. Uh-huh, that’s right. She folds the towels like I do, and sometimes even better.

Virginia came to me from people who care and pride themselves in helping the community. Now that’s the Southern way. Oh… their name? Stellar, Stellar in-home care. Just a little thing I thought I’d pass on to ya…

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