Staying Flexible

Life tests us all. Grace shares her life’s tales with you through her weekly video blog – sharing what growing old has meant for her and what it means to rely on others. Her gentle spirit and sense of humor will leave you smiling. Growing older doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

Staying Flexible

As told by Grace

I’m about ready to fly off the handle if my son tells me one more time to ‘be flexible’. What good is being flexible if it means not getting your own way? Sure, I can be flexible like this…exercise….and stretch myself way up… and I feel like I’m climbing higher…

…but then I come back down…and, well heck yes, I s’pose I feel a bitty bit better. Sometimes you gotta open yaself up to new things, to get an appreciation for the old. But you never wanna bite off more than you can chew. Which is why Stellar is different. They’re flexible. They come together with you and your Momma or Daddy and the family, and chat about the best plan for your in-home care. So you get the care you need on your schedule, nobody else’s. Not too little, not too much, but just right. So the next time my son tells me that I’m being too feisty, I’ll just say I’m aiming to be ‘flexible’.

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