Introducing Senior Moments with Grace

Life tests us all. Grace shares her life’s tales with you through her weekly video blog – sharing what growing old has meant for her and what it means to rely on others. Her gentle spirit and sense of humor will leave you smiling. Growing older doesn’t have to mean going it alone.

The Right Care Brings a New Beginning

As told by Grace

They say it takes twenty-one days to break an old habit, or just the same to start a new one. And I don’t like admitting it—but, I can be stubborn about my habits—and my hats. So when my daughter started carrying on about the way I tidy up, or what I decide to eat and when, I got to thinking that it was time for a change. Strangest thing though, my daughter had a different kind of change in mind.

Now I don’t like change much. But we sat down together with Stellar and worked out a plan that was good for both of us. Matter of fact, it was good for the whole family. Not sure why I didn’t listen to her in the first place.

But I do listen to my CareGiver. Name’s Virginia. She comes by a few times a week to check in on me. Make sure I’m eating more greens than bean pie. Sure, it took some getting used to—‘bout twenty-one days.

Let me tell ya something, if you’re fussin’ with your Momma or Daddy, worrying about their care today….stop. And sit down with a Care Coordinator at Stellar tomorrow. They bring better care, by your side.

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