A Matter of Choice

A Matter of Choice

Just as Stellar provides an abundance of home care features, we provide you with options in planning for payment. These options are varied based on your needs and financial circumstances.

Private Contribution

Our commitment to comfort covers every facet of our business, including matters of payment. For your convenience, and based on the agreed upon customized home care plan, monthly invoices can be handled with personal funds.

Long-Term Care

If you carry long-term care insurance through an individual account or employer, chances are your services are covered.  If you need assistance in determining what kind of coverage you have and how it applies to Stellar, contact one of our friendly Care Coordinators at 662.393.0020 or toll-free at 877.393.0020.

TennCare Long-Term Care

For Tennessee residents with Medicaid and those who can qualify for Medicaid*, the State offers a program specific to recipients needing home care.

Entitled TennCare “CHOICES”, it provides funding for home care if you are as follows:

65 years of age or older;


21 years of age or older with physical disabilities

*There are associated income and net worth criteria that must be met to qualify for Medicaid long-term care.